Welcome to Project CE-PM

A package manager for the TI-84+ CE

CE-PM consists of two functionally-identical projects:

Vapor Package Manager (VPM)targets
BOS Package Manager (BPM)targets

Based on, and functions similarly to, apt and rpm on *nix systems, Homebrew on OS X, and any other package manager you can think of.

Client software will be a library or system extension.

Client software will connect to this server to request downloads (and updates) of packages that are hosted here, but maintained by their respective developers via the Pkg Admin link to the left.

Requesting a specific package will search for a directory with that name in the package sources on this server, and add all files in that directory to the dependency chain. It will then read the package manifest file to retrieve any other packages the main package depends on and then will move into those directories as well, adding all contained files within to the dependency chain and then opening those packages' manifest files to get any dependencies for them, repeating until all dependencies are fully resolved.

After that, all the needed files will be streamed sequentially to your calculator if the server has a newer version of that file.